• Multi-sided Hollow Ball

  • Drainage Caps of Different Types

  • GLB Type Cloth Filter (Rotary Disc Fiber Filter)

  • DT Volute Type Sludge Dewatering System

  • DNY Belt Type Thickening Filter Press

  • DNYA Integrated Type Thickening & Belt Filter Press with Three Fil...

  • XB Rotary Type Water Skimmer Series

  • FCM Type Cast Iron Tide Gate (Slapping Gate)

  • PZM Type Stainless Steel Canal Gate

  • MXF Type Cast Iron Copper-inlaid Square Gate with Rising Stem

  • MXY Type Cast Iron Copper-inlaid Circular Gate with Rising Stem

  • BZDA Type Rotary Disc Aerator

  • DS Inverted-umbrella Type Surface Aerator

  • GDAT Type Automatic-operated Chemical Dosing System with Three Chamber...

  • JY Type Manual-operated Chemical Dosing System