• ZXN Type Center Drive Thickener

  • ZXG Type Center Drive Sludge Scraper

  • CG Type Center Drive Sludge Scraper with Vertical Framework

  • ZXD Type Center Drive Suction Dredger with Single Tube

  • ZBX Type Peripheral Drive Suction Dredger

  • ZBG Type Peripheral Drive Sludge Scraper

  • HX Travelling-Crane Type Suction Dredger

  • HTG Travelling-Crane Type Sludge Scraper with Rake Lifting

  • YC Type Screw Press

  • PD Type Belt Conveyo

  • WLS Type Shaftless Screw Conveyor

  • WLSY Type Shaftless Screw Conveyor & Press System

  • XLCS Type Desanding Machine for Rotary Flow Grit Chamber

  • QX Bridge Type Sand Sucker

  • GSF Screw Type Sand-Water Separator