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MGF Type Bar Screen with Rotary Brush and Mesh Grate
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MGF Type Bar Screen with Rotary Brush and Mesh Grate


Introduction >>>

MGF Type Bar Screen with Rotary Brush and Mesh Grate is suitable for use at the municipal sewage treatment plant, tap water works and the water inlet of the power plant, it is also the indispensible special equipment in the production process of such industry as textile, food processing, paper mill and tannery etc, at present, it is one of the solid-liquid separation equipments with stable technological performance.

Working principle:

MGF Type Bar Screen with Rotary Brush and Mesh Grate is mainly composed of drive unit, framework, main shaft, screen mesh, screenings hold plate, fixed plate brush, rotary brush and traction chain. Driven by the motor and after speed reduction by the speed reducer, the chain wheel and chain will driven to move; the plate brush fixed on the rotary chain will move from bottom to top along the mesh surface to clean the screen mesh and take away the residues; when the screenings are moved to the top, most of the screenings will drop to the screenings bucket by gravity, while small quantity of screenings that adhere to the fixed plate brush will be cleaned off by the running circular brush, thus the cleaning of the screenings is completed. The liquid will pass through the clearance of the screen mesh. The entire operation of the equipment is continuous and in cycle.

Characteristics and applications >>>

 As the bar screen with rotary brush and mesh grate is witnessed of reliable interception and removal of such foreign objects as fruit skin, grass and suspended solids, which otherwise may easily twisted and unable to be discharged, so it has seen wide applications in fruit juice plants, fruit jelly factories and agricultural products factory etc; as compared with fine bar screen with rake teeth, this equipment has its own advantages as following: less use of driving parts with reliable performance; use of easily-dismantling structure bringing easy maintenance; use of self-cleaning device to avoid clogging, no possibility of twisting by the trash and easy discharge etc;

Calculation of water flow through the bar screen  >>>

Water flow through the bar screen per hour: Q = K * B *h *V *3600


Q: Water flow through the bar screen per hour

K: Flow coefficient related to the clearance of bar screen, see list of flow coefficient

B: Width of bar screen ( unit: m)

h: Water depth (unit: m), normally considered as 1m or more than 0.3m lower than the canal depth;

V: Water flow speed through the screen, normally 0.5 -1.0m/s

Control Cabinet System >>>

 The control system for the equipment is subject to choice by the customer or provided by the customer, which may be put to use at site after connecting to the 3-phase power supply.

 Control buttons for local startup or shutdown of the equipment are available on the local electric control cabinet; the local electric control cabinet is provided buttons for startup and shutdown of the equipment and signal lamps for startup, shutdown and emergency as well. All signal lamps for the equipment are energy-saving type for purpose of power saving; motor protector is also provided in the electric control cabinet; the control cabinet may have interface for connection to the PLC remote control; the outer casing of the electric control cabinet may be either anticorrosion coated carbon steel or stainless steel; if it should be installed outside, rain shelter is to be provided;

Flow coefficient >>>

Clearance of bar screen δ(mm)






Flow coefficient K






Note: It is suggested to use the method of interpolation to get the approximate value of the flow coefficient K of other corresponding bar clearanceδ