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      WLN Type Microfiltration System with Water Feeding from Inside
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      WLN Type Microfiltration System with Water Feeding from Inside (Rotary microfiltration system)

      Introduction and working principle >>>

      The microfiltration system with water feeding from inside, also called rotary type microfiltration system, may be applicable in the industrial wastewater treatment for solid-water separation, it can remove suspended solids with size of bigger than 0.2mm. the incoming wastewater is sent gradually and evenly through the buffer water inlet to the inside of the rotary mesh cartridge where the rotation movement of the mesh cartridge and the residue discharge screw on the inner walls can discharge the retained residue out from the other end, while the filtered water flows out through the clearance of the mesh cartridge.

      Characteristics >>>

      1. Uniform water distribution and increased treatment capacity;

      2. Use of chain drive with higher drive efficiency;

      3. Use of backwash device to prevent the filter mesh from being blocked;

      4. Use of spill plates at both sides to prevent splashing of the wastewater.

       Main technical data >>>




      Diameter of mesh cartridge (mm)

      Mesh size (mm)

      Removal rate

      Outline dimension (mm)

      Note: Tailor-made fabrication is available for other special dimensions when requested by customers.