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      GSF Screw Type Sand-Water Separator
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       GSF Screw Type Sand-Water Separator


      Introduction >>>

      The screw type sand-water separator is applicable for use in the grit chamber of the sewage treatment plant (station), which is a kind of equipment used in the sewage treatment process for treating the sand-water mixture.


      Working Principle >>>

      The installation angle of the sand-water separation is generally between 20°-30°; the sand-water mixture flows through the water inlet pipe to this equipment where the mixture solution passes the collecting device at the top of the separator; under the water flow, the sand particles contained in the mixture is separated from the organics; the sand and water go to the sand collection tank where the solid particles ( such as sand particle) with bigger gravity will settle down under gravity to the bottom of the tank, then pushed by the screw blades, the sand is lifted from the bottom of the inclined U-shaped tank; after the sand is out of the water,, it will continue moving for certain distance; the water contained in the sand particles will gradually flow back to the water tank through the voids of the screw tank and blades, while the sand particle will gradually get dried and be sent to the outlet and then drop under gravity to the transporting devices; the supernatant water will overflow continuously from the drainage weir, while the organics will be sent out from the top of the collecting device under the force of the vortex water flow and then backflow through the pipes to the sewage pit; hence, the purpose for sand separation from water is obtained.

      Technical performance >>>

      Separation efficiency: 96% - 98%, separation of sand particle with size of 0.2mm;

      Use of shaftless screw and no use of underwater bearings; the structural design of the equipment can ensure smooth flow of sand-water mixture with no clogging and easy maintenance;

      Use of advanced shaft-installed speed reducer instead of coupling to make it easy for centering during installation;

      The water storage tank is featured with sufficient strength and rigidity and is continuously welded with no water leakage.