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      QX Bridge Type Sand Sucker
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      QX Bridge Type Sand Sucker


      Application >>>

      QX bridge type sand sucker is mainly used in municipal sewage treatment plants or in the aeration grit chamber of the city water works for sand-water separation treatment; the sand particles, coal slag and other large solid particles and sewage mixture is lifted to the sand discharge tank beside; oil skimmer and scum skimming systems may be added when requested by the customers.

      Working principle >>>

      The equipment is designed for use of portable bridge type and pump suction type; when the sand sucker is off working, it stops at water inlet; while the sand sucker is working, the travelling crane is subject to the instruction sent from the electric control; when moving in downstream direction, first lower down the scum skimming plate to scrape the floating scum into the steel scum tank; when moving in upstream direction, the scum skimming rake is lifted out from the water surface to prevent moving of the floating scum in opposite direction; the sand water at the bottom of the tank is sucked and discharged by the sand

      suction pump to the sand collection tank and then pipes to the sand-water separator for further treatment; the equipment works back and forth in this way to achieve the purpose of sand suction, residue discharge and scum skimming.

       The bridge type sand sucker is mainly composed of drive unit, working bridge, local electric control cabinet, scum skimmer, hanger and submersible sand suction pump etc.

      Main features >>>

      1. Reciprocating type sand suction and scum skimming, high efficiency and simple structure;

      2. Use of vortex type low head submersible pump for sand suction with no need of water priming, no clogging, wear resistant, safe operation and reliable performance;

      3. Unidirectional scum skimming resulting in relative clean tank surface;

      4. The organics on the settled sand particles have already been cleaned through aeration and circulated flow and the discharged sand particles have no odor smell;

      5. Easy operation; direct local / remote control of the equipment is possible;



      Tank width

      Rail gauge

      Tank depth

      Tank length

      Wheel span

      Moving speed

      Power of walk motor


      Submersible pump

      Treatment capacity Q (m3/h)

      Head h (m)

      Power N2 (KW)

      Quantity of submersible pump

      Diameter of steel wheel d (mm)

      Size of steel rail (kg/m)

      Wheel pressure P (KN)

      Note: The flanges for the water inlet and outlet pipes are as per GB9116.6.PN0.6Mpa

       Technical parameters needed when placing order >>>

      1. Tank width   2. Tank depth   3. Tank length  4. Requirement of material