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      XLCS Type Desanding Machine for Rotary Flow Grit Chamber
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      XLCS Type Desanding Machine for Rotary Flow Grit Chamber


      Application >>>

      XLCS Type Desanding Machine is mainly used for rotary flow grit chamber, which is one of the best equipments for sand sedimentation and sand cleaning. The rotary flow grit chamber is normally concrete structured. The entire desanding machine consists of turbine agitating tank, speed reducer, agitator shaft, agitator impeller, sand lifting device, sand-lifting/ sand-cleaning solenoid valve, the control cabinet is also included if the system should be supplied in complete package.

      Working principle >>>

       While the desanding machine for rotary flow grit chamber is working, the sand-water mixture enters the bell-type grit chamber from tangent direction with vortex flow developed; the drive shaft and agitator impeller of the agitator mechanism is driven by the drive unit to work to control the flow speed and flow state of the incoming sewage water.

       The upward inclination of the impeller’s blades can accelerate the sewage water in the tank in spiral form when the impeller is rotating to have vortex flow state, from which the centrifugal force is generated; meanwhile, the sand-water in the tank will be separated by the cutting force from the agitation of the impeller blades with the sand particles settled down to the center sand bucket at high speed in spiral form along the tank walls by its own weight and the centrifugal force from the rotational flow, and then the sand is air-lifted or pump lifted out of the tank for further treatment. During the process, the appropriate adjusting of the blade angle and linear velocity can scrub and clean the sand particles contained in water to maintain the best sedimentation efficiency, the organics and light-weight substances that adhere to the sand particles will be cleaned off and

      discharged outside and the water backflows to the screen pit.discharged out of the tank along with the water for further treatment by subsequent process; the sand along with small quantity of wastewater flows to the sand-water separator outside the tank where the sand is separated and discharged outside and the water backflows to the screen pit.

      Technical characteristics >>>

      The desanding machine for rotary flow grit chamber utilizes the hydraulic rotation flow to make the sand separated from the organics featuring full utilization of the rotational flow, less use of land area, short hydraulic retention time, good sand sedimentation efficiency, excellent sand-water separation and reliable desanding performance (especially for removal of the inorganic gravel and sand from the wastewater).

       Performance parameters >>>


      Capacity (m3/h)


      Inside diameter of tank (mm)

      Sand lifting capacity (L/S)

      Air blower

      Impeller speed


      Capacity (m3/min)

      Power (KW)