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WLSY Type Shaftless Screw Conveyor & Press System
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Product Details

 Introduction >>>

 As the press part of the traditional press machine is at an angle of 30-45°with material output through squeezing and subject to high stress, which limits the length of the press cylinder. In order to get the intended conveying length and use multiple hoppers for material feeding, it is suggested to use WLSY type shaftless screw conveyor & press system.

 Performance characteristics >>>

 The shell body for conveying and press of this press machine is in U-shaped groove structure with cover plate at the top; the material is generally delivered out horizontally in order to increase the height of outlet;

 Shaftless screw is introduced for the press machine with lower part lined with wear-resistant nylon lining plate, which as the result increase the conveying length. The press part of the machine is designed for horizontal delivery press structure; this machine is capable of receipt of the residues from more than one bar screen; the integration of the conveying and press functions contributes for less power consumption and lower equipment investment.

 Technical parameters needed when placing order >>>

  1. Width of conveyor press trough    2. Length of the machine