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      WLS Type Shaftless Screw Conveyor
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      Product Details

      Introduction and working principle >>>

      The shaftless screw conveyor is used for transporting all different types of wastes and filter residues generated in the industrial production process with its structural form as shaftless screw; The feed material enters from the feed inlet and is then conveyed to the tail end for discharge; except for the material buckets at the inlet and outlet, the entire conveying process is completed in totally enclosed tank; shaft-installed speed reducer is used as drive unit, at the end of the speed reducer is installed with bearing and dust-proof oil seals. No high-speed running parts are used during the entire running process of the equipment; wear-resistant nylon is lined at the lower part of the screw bringing less abrasion and low maintenance workload.

      Technical characteristics >>>

      The use of precision casting shaftless screw in the screw conveyor can ensure smooth delivery of the feed material with no problem of blockage;

      The drive unit installed at one end of the screw conveyor may be directly connected with the screw shaft with no more need of coupling;

      The screw conveyor trough is in U shape for its cross section; except that the feed inlet and outlet are open, all other parts are totally enclosed;

      The shell body, cover plate and feed inlet hopper of the conveyor are all reinforced with high strength to ensure the service life of the main body of the equipment;

      No use of bearings in the conveying trough to ensure smooth delivery of the feed material.

      Model description >>>

      WLS   -    

                      Width of conveying trough (mm)

                      Shaftless screw conveyor


      Technical parameters needed when placing order >>>

      1. Width of conveying trough

      2. Length of trough

      3. Material of parts and components

      4. Other requirements


       Diameter of shaftless screw = width of screw groove – 400mm

       The customer may suggest the width of screw groove, length of the conveyor, angle, dimension of the feed inlet and outlet;

       Multiple means of installation, hoisting and wall-mounting for this type of conveyor are available for choice and the equipment may also be equipped with support feet and rollers.



      Screw speed

      Conveying capacity (m3/h)




      Conveying length (m)

      Installation angle

      Motor power

      Performance parameters >>> (The conveying capacity is different depending on different properties of the feed material)

      12 – 20r/min (according to property of the conveyed material and the length of the conveyor) 


      General design 20°, for special order 30°

      According to property of the conveyed material and the length of the conveyor