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      Product Details

      Introduction >>>

      The belt conveyor is mainly used for transporting the granulates or powder solids; for application in the environmental industry, it is normally used for transporting the screenings and dewatered sludge.

      Working principle and construction >>>

       The oil-immersed electric drum (drive motor) will drive the conveyor belt move on the carrier roller and the solids on the belt will move forward with the belt and transported to the other end of the belt, thus the conveying process is completed.

       Main parts and components of the belt conveyor include oil-immersed electric drum, secondary roller, framework, conveying belt, upper carrier roller, lower carrier roller, deviation-adjusting roller, tightening device and unloading plate etc;

       Model description:

       PD  -    

                       Width of conveying trough (mm)

                       Belt conveyor

      带宽 Belt width

      项目 Item

      滚筒直径 Roller diameter

      线速度 Linear velocity

      电机功率 Motor power

      输送量 Conveying capacity

      根据输送长度及输送物质选择: For choice depending on conveying length and the property of the conveyed material


      Outline drawing


      Belt tightening device


      Rotary roller


      Residue stopping plate at lateral side


      Upper carrier roller


      Unloading scrapping board


      Oil-immersed electric drum




      Lower carrier roller

      Technical parameters needed when placing order >>>

      1. Belt width   2. Conveying length    3. Material  4. Other requirements