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      YC Type Screw Press
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      YC Type Screw Press


       Introduction >>>

       The screw press is mainly applicable for transportation and dewatering of the screenings, it may also be used along with the bar screen and conveyor to press and squeeze the residues from the bar screen to remove the water and reduce the size of the residues.

       YC type screw conveyor mainly consists of drive unit, press screw, conveying pipe, discharge pipe, wear-resistant lining and drainage chute etc. the residue is sent through the feed inlet to the press tube where it is to be squeezed and pressed before going to the discharge pipe, while the separated wastewater will go to the drainage chute. Wear-resistant steel lining is used for the equipment with wear-resistant and corrosion resistant performance.

       The press cylinder is in tube structure with high strength and pressure resistance; all parts and components are designed for totally-enclosed running except for the feed inlet and outlet;

       Shaft screw is used as the press screw; the blades used are fabricated through internal and external precision machining and welding to ensure the required screw pitch and concentricity.


      Model description >>>

       YC  -    

                       Diameter of press cylinder (mm)

                       Screw press

      Technical parameters needed when placing order >>>

      1. Diameter of press cylinder   2. Length of the equipment