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      HX Travelling-Crane Type Suction Dredger
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      Product Details

      Introduction >>>

      The travelling-crane type suction dredger, also called bridge type suction dredger, is a kind of special sludge discharge equipment used in horizontal flow sedimentation tank for water supply project and in secondary horizontal flow type sedimentation tank for wastewater project. One of the most outstanding advantages of this equipment is that it can bring solution to the problem of difficult scrapping of some activated sludge with low gravity and high moisture content. At present, the truss type suction dredger produced by our factory may include three models, which are inclined plate (tube) siphon type suction dredger, sludge dredger without inclined plate (tube) and pump suction type suction dredger.


      Model description >>>

      HX   -  

                       Width of the sedimentation tank (m)

                       Travelling-Crane Type Suction Dredger

      Working principle >>>

       The suction dredger is available with siphon type or pump suction type depending on the customer’s requirement; the siphon type suction dredger uses submersible pump with water ejector or vacuum pump to generate a vacuum state, while the pump suction type suction dredger will directly use submersible pump to suck the sludge from the sedimentation tank and use the level difference between the sedimentation tank and sludge discharge tank for sludge discharge purpose. This equipment is capable of sludge suction while walking; the actual frequency for sludge discharge may be decided based on the quantity of the sludge; the equipment is featured with efficient sludge discharge and easy operation.

      Technical parameters >>>

      Tank width (m)

      Wheel tread (m)

      Width of work bridge (m)

      Speed of travelling crane (m/min)

      Drive power (kw)

      Sludge discharge capacity of pump suction type (m3/h)

      Power of sludge suction pump of pump suction type (kw)

      Light rail used (kg/m)