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      ZBX Type Peripheral Drive Suction Dredger
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      Product Details

      ZBX Type Peripheral Drive Suction Dredger 


      Introduction >>>

      ZBX type peripheral drive suction dredger has been widely used in the water supply & drainage projects and municipal engineering for scrapping and removal of the sludge from the sedimentation tank. The equipment may include uni-peripheral drive sludge scraper and dual-peripheral drive sludge scraper.


      Type of construction >>>

       ZBX type peripheral drive suction dredger is mainly composed of flow stabilizer, current collecting device, central support, working bridge (main beam), sludge scrapping mechanism, scum discharge mechanism, drive unit, siphon system, sludge collection tank, walking device and electric control cabinet etc;

       The suction dredger includes two types: water level difference type and siphon type; tailor-made design is offered for customers.

      Model description:

      ZBX - -    

                        Tank diameter (m)

                        Bridge truss type (uni-peripheral, dual-peripheral )

                        Peripheral drive suction dredger

      Main features >>>

      1. The optimizing design given to the drive unit brings even higher efficiency and even nicer appearance. Imported speed reducer or shaft-installed type speed reducer may be furnished when requested by the customer, which may make the equipment even more beautiful and brings longer life;

      2. The equipment is featured with high treatment capacity and efficient sludge scrapping;

      3. Compact structure, less use of land space and easy operation and maintenance;

      4. Smooth operation, simultaneous operation for sludge suction and scum scrapping, low energy consumption;