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      ZXD Type Center Drive Suction Dredger with Single Tube
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      ZXD Type Center Drive Suction Dredger with Single Tube


      Application and introduction >>>

      The center drive single-tube suction dredger is suitable for use in the circular sedimentation tank of bigger diameter especially secondary sedimentation tank in municipal sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment plants for discharge of the sludge settled down in the tank bottom and for scrapping of the floating scum on the tank surface. This series of suction dredger is not only suitable for use in the secondary sedimentation tank with water inlet and outlet peripherally or in the sedimentation tank with water inlet at the center and water outlet peripherally.

      Construction and working principle >>>

       ZXD type center drive single-tube suction dredger is mainly composed of working bridge, scum scrapping board, scrapping arm, central sludge collection tank, drive unit, central column, center drive vertical frame, sludge suction tube, floating scum baffle, water outlet weir plate, water-stopping skirt board and balancing weight etc.

       The equipment is designed for use of center drive and vertical frame; the incoming wastewater enters the water distribution tank around the tank and is then fed into the tank evenly through the water distribution holes at the tank bottom; due to the installation of the water-stopping skirt board around the tank, the water flows to the center from tank bottom, while the sludge will settle down to the tank bottom under gravity, thus in this way the sludge is separated from water. The drive unit will drive the central vertical frame rotate and at the same time rotate the scrapping arm and sludge suction tube; under the hydrostatic pressure, the sludge will be uniformly distributed to the suction inlets arranged on the suction tube and then pass through the sleeve valve of the central sludge discharge pit and finally discharged out of the tank. The sludge discharge capacity may be under control by the lifting level of the sleeve valve, the floating scum on the water surface is scrapped to the edges of the tank by the scum scrapping device and then scrapped by the scum scrapping rake to the scum hopper and finally discharged out of the tank.

      Model description >>>

       ZXD  -   

                        Tank diameter (m)

                        Center drive suction dredger with single tube

      Main features >>>

      1. Sectional design is considered for ZXD type center drive single-tube suction dredger, the sludge suction on the tapered sludge suction tube is uniquely designed with variable

      holes and distance of increasing sizes from inward to outward to ensure that the sludge discharge capacity of each suction dredger is compatible with the sludge quantity at the tank bottom, which can further guarantee its speedy sludge discharge and high concentrated discharged sludge;

      2. Minimized sludge agitation, fresh return sludge with no rotting problem, excellent outlet water quality;

      3. The use of combination of helical gear reducer and worm reducer as the drive unit can ensure the intended output torque and rotation speed as well as high drive efficiency; the use of over-torque protection in the speed reducer can ensure safe and reliable operation;

      4. Easy operation of the equipment, local /remote control of the equipment’s operation is provided.

      Main technical parameters >>>



      ZXD -2

      Tank diameter Φ (m)


      Peripheral tank depth H (m)


      Water depth at edge of the tank H1 (m)


      Outer rim linear velocity V (mm)


      Motor power N (kw)


      Central column platform vertical load P1 (KN)


      Load on section of working bridge P2 (KN)


      Maximum working torque Mmax (N.m)



      Technical parameters needed when placing order >>>

      1. Diameter of sludge scraper     2. Requirement for material

      1. Working bridge

      2. Scum scrapping board

      3. Scrapping arm

      4. Central sludge collection tank

      5. Drive unit

      6. Central column

      7. Center drive vertical frame

      8. Sludge suction tube

      9. Floating scum baffle

      10. Water outlet weir plate

      11. Water-stopping skirt board

      12. Balancing weight