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      CG Type Center Drive Sludge Scraper with Vertical Framework
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      CG Type Center Drive Sludge Scraper with Vertical Framework


      Application and introduction >>>

       The CG type vertical frame center-drive sludge scraper is suitable for use in the radial-flow type big-diameter sedimentation tank with water inlet from center, water outlet from peripheral and sludge discharge at the center; the equipment is mainly used in secondary sedimentation tank of municipal sewage treatment plant for sludge discharge.

      Construction and working principle >>>

       The CG type vertical frame center-drive sludge scraper is mainly composed of working bridge, center drive unit, center rotary vertical frame, scrapping arm, center pull rod, tie piece, flow guide tube and scum skimming and discharging device etc;

       This equipment is designed for use of center drive and vertical frame; the water is supplied from the water inlet pipe to the flow guiding tube and then distributed uniformly and evenly to the surrounding edges of the tank in radial flow state, during which the suspended sludge will be settled down to the tank bottom. The drive unit will drive the central vertical frame rotate and at the same time move the scrapping arm and sludge

      scrapping board to scrape the sludge from peripheral sides of tank to the center sludge collection tank and then discharged out of the tank by the hydrostatic pressure in the tank, while the floating scum on the water surface will be scrapped by the scum skimmer to the tank edge and then to the scum discharge hopper by the scum scrapping rake and finally discharged out of the tank, the supernatant clean water will overflow from the water outlet weir plate to the outlet water tank and then discharged out.

       Electric control: the time for startup, shutdown and operation of the equipment may be set according to the customer’s requirement and the equipment may be available with interfaces for connection to the PLC.

      Model description >>>

       CG   -   

                        Tank diameter (m)

                        Vertical frame type center drive sludge scraper

      Main features >>>

      1. Use of the latest model of drive unit with high transmission torque, reliable performance and good flow stabilizing efficiency;

      2. High treatment capacity and excellent sludge scrapping and collection result;

      3. Easy operation, available with direct local /remote control of the equipment’s operation.


      Main technical parameters >>>


      Tank diameter d (m)

      Tank depth H (m)

      Peripheral linear velocity (m/min)

      Power (KW)


      1. Water outlet weir plate

      2. Floating scum baffle

      3. Scum scrapping rake

      4. Scrapping arm

      5. Scum skimming board

      6. Inhaul cable

      7. Flow stabilizing tube

      8. Drive unit

      9. Central column

      10. Center rotary vertical frame

      11. Scrapping board

      12. Scum discharge board

      13. Working plate


      Technical parameters needed when placing order >>>

      1. Diameter of sludge scraper    2. Material requirement