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      ZXG Type Center Drive Sludge Scraper
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      ZXG Type Center Drive Sludge Scraper


      Introduction >>>

      This series of sludge scraper is featured with simplified structure; the weight load of the entire sludge scraper is supported by the center of the working bridge, the center drive unit will drive the scrapping device rotate and the fixed-direction scrapping board will scrape the sludge at the tank bottom to the center sludge collection pit and then discharged out of the sludge pit by the hydrostatic pressure. This equipment is suitable for use in the radial-flow type sedimentation tank of relative small diameter.

      Performance characteristic >>>

      1. Simplified structure, easy operation and high sludge scrapping efficiency;

      2. Use of electric overloading protection in the equipment;

      3. Optional use of lifting device; manual operation type and electric-operated type are available.


      Model description >>>

       CG   -   

                        Tank diameter (m)

                        Center drive sludge scraper

      Technical parameters >>>


      Tank diameter D (m)

      Tank depth H (m)

      Peripheral linear velocity (m/min)

      Drive power (KW)

      Weight of steel structure (kg)

      1. Speed reducer

      2. Drive shaft

      3. Rake frame

      4. Sludge scrapping blade

      5. Sludge discharge pipe

      6. Working bridge

      7. Flow stabilizing tube

      8. Lubricating water pipe


      Control system >>>

      The control system is subject to choice by customers or provided by customers, which may be put to use after connection to the power supply at site.

        Control buttons for local startup or shutdown of the equipment are available on the local electric control cabinet; the local electric control cabinet is provided buttons for startup and shutdown of the equipment and signal lamps for startup, shutdown and emergency as well. All signal lamps for the equipment are energy-saving type for purpose of power saving; motor protector is also provided in the electric control cabinet; the control cabinet may have interface for connection to the PLC remote control; the outer casing of the electric control cabinet may be either anticorrosion coated carbon steel or stainless steel; if it should be installed outside, rain shelter is to be provided;