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ZXN Type Center Drive Thickener
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ZXN Type Center Drive Thickener


Introduction >>>

The thickening treatment is one of the ways for reducing the size of the sludge. For treatment of the sludge, generally, sludge thickening by gravity is one of the means used as the pretreatment for sludge dewatering process. therefore, the sludge thickening process in the thickening tank is actually similar to the sedimentation process of the sedimentation tank. The diameter of the thickening tank is normally small, which is within 6-20m. The thickener is generally designed for use of center drive type. The thickener system has been widely used for thickening of the activated sludge in different industrial sectors including municipal engineering, light industry, mining, smelting and steel plants etc.

Equipment structure and working principle >>>

The slurry or wastewater with fine solid particles contained is supplied by the channel frame or sludge tube to the center part of the thickening tank, the slurry is radiated uniformly to the surrounding edges of the tank; during the process, the solid particles in the slurry or wastewater will be settled down by their own weight or flocculation reaction; at initial period, due to the relative low concentration, the solid particles may basically settle down freely at relatively high speed, after that, the solids settle down to the thickening area with relative slow speed and finally to the lowest part of deposit area with high concentration; during the settling process, the water will be continuously extracted out from the solids; when the rake frame at the middle runs continuously, the rake teeth will push the deposits along the tapered slope at the tank bottom to the center of the tank bottom and finally discharged out from the drain; the pushing of the deposits by the intermediate rake frame is also the thickening process of the scrapping board for the deposits, which also strengthen the extraction of the water from the solids accordingly; therefore, the deposits discharged from the drain is the thickened slurry or sludge; the clarified water is discharged out through the overflow weirs at the edges of the tank, thus the entire working process of the thickener is completed.

Model description >>>

 ZXN   -   

                  Tank diameter (m)

                  Center drive thickener

Main features >>>

1 The working bridge used is full bridge type with its material suggested for carbon steel, stainless steel or concrete;

2. The thickening screen bars are equally spaced and arranged on the scrapping arm to improve the thickening efficiency;

3. Dual overloading protection is provided for the mechanical and electrical parts of the equipment to ensure safe and reliable operation;

4. Easy operation of the equipment, direct local /remote control of the equipment’s operation is provided.