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DS Inverted-umbrella Type Surface Aerator
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Inverted-umbrella Type Surface Aerator


Introduction >>>

DS inverted-umbrella type surface aerator is a kind of vertical shaft low-speed surface aeration equipment, which is mainly used in the Carrousel oxidation process for treatment of municipal domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.

Performance characteristics >>>

The equipment is constructed with parallel vertical shaft type speed-reduction drive mechanism, which may be adjusted up and down. The equipment consists of base seat, drive shaft, biaxial drive unit, high-strength coupling and inverted-umbrella type impeller. The drive shaft and impeller run in rotation driven by the drive unit; the rotational impeller will lift the sewage and sludge at its bottom along the impeller in spiral form; the rising wastewater with the water beside will be thrown out from the edges of the impeller to develop water jump, which will be enveloped with large quantity of air to make the water aerated; and the mixture water with less oxygen at the tank bottom will be lifted upward for

circulation flow; at the same time, the rotational impeller will push forward and lift the water flow in the oxidation ditch at a speed of more than 0.3m/s in spiral form to maintain the activated sludge at suspension state in the ditch, which achieve the purpose for oxygenation.

 Features >>>

1. Rotary main shaft:

  The rotary main shaft is made of 45# steel solid shaft of high strength and big diameter to ensure the concentricity and longer service life;

2. Drive reducer:

  The speed reducer is one of the key parts of the inverted-umbrella type aerator; for standard configuration of our aerators, we use famous-brand speed reducers made in China, which are high-power vertical type parallel shaft speed reducer specially for inverted-umbrella type aerator; the model selection is based on theoretical data and actual working experience and severe working environment considered in the design in order to increase the service factor of the speed reducer.

3. Adjustable mounting base seat:

 The mounting base seat is the main part for load bearing; the base seat is made of thick steel sheet; square steel cushion is used at the connection between the base seat and speed reducer; and its levelness is ensured at the same plane of the flange connection in order to ensure the concentricity between the speed reducer and main shaft. The mounting base seat may be adjusted up and down; the screw rod for fixing the base seat is embedded in the high-standard concrete of at least 300mm to ensure its strength.

4. Biaxial drive unit:

  The biaxial drive unit is used for supporting the underwater parts to prevent the speed reducer from any axial force, which as the result can greatly extend the service life of the speed reducer. The drive unit can also withstand the thrust force resulted from the counter-acing force of the water flow when the equipment is in operation.

5. Inverted-umbrella type coupling:

  The inverted-umbrella type coupling is made of high-strength material through precision machining and is closely contacted with the main shaft through special means to ensure no abrasion under high torque and easy dismantling.

6. Inverted-umbrella type impeller:

  The design of the inverted-umbrella type impeller considers the water flow state and oxygenation efficiency in the tank; the umbrella surface and rotary flow blades are cut and one-time shaped by the digital-controlled water cutter.

Attentions for order placement:

1. The width of the ditch is about 2.2- 2.4 times the diameter of the impeller;

2. It is not suggested for use of stand column in the ditch, if it should be necessary, the distance between the stand column and the edge of the impeller shall be greater than the impeller’s diameter and it shall be cylindrical column; the net distance between the foundation platform and the water surface shall be greater than 700mm;

3. The distance from the partition wall at the center of the oxidation ditch to the edge of the impeller shall be preferably 0.04 -0.08 impeller’s diameter; in case of no flow diversion wall, the center of the impeller shall be inclined to the water outside of 0.1 times the impeller diameter to facilitate the plug-flow;

4. The inverted-umbrella type aerator is available with both forward-running and backward-running types, which may be confirmed according to the design and civil drawings.