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BZDA Type Rotary Disc Aerator
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BZDA Type Rotary Disc Aerator


Introduction >>>

BZDA140 type rotary disc aerator is a kind of horizontal shaft type aeration equipment; the horizontal shaft will drive the rotary disc rotate to make the water flow horizontally; the rotary disc aerator is featured with high oxygenation capacity, excellent mixing efficiency and strong flow-pushing capacity; the oxidation ditch process with use of rotary disc aerator has been widely applied in the municipal sewage treatment and all different industrial wastewater treatment processes with proofed excellent treatment results.

Working principle >>>

 The surfaces of the BZDA type rotary disc are densely arranged with ladder-shaped raised parts, round pits and vent holes; the rotation of the rotary disc will make the water move horizontally, the special shape and surface of the rotary disc will bring more air into the water with air bubbles cut by force in order to improve the oxygenation capacity.

Structure and features >>>

 BZDA type rotary disc aerator is mainly composed of motor, shaft-installed type reduction gearbox, main shaft, bearing seat at tail end, bearing seat at input end, lubrication system and control cabinet. The features of the equipment are as follows:

 1. This equipment considers the use of vertical type outdoor motor; the distance from its lower end face to the water surface is 1 meter to prevent the water mist generated by the rotary disc from impact on the normal functioning of the motor, and less land space is needed for the installation of the entire equipment;

2. The use of fixed type splash guard plate can protect the motor and reduction gearbox from erosion by wastewater;

3. The shaft-installed type reduction gearbox uses tapered and cylindrical gear three-stage drive; all gears have hard teeth surface ( gear’s precision is level 6), high loading capacity, high transmission efficiency, compact structure, light weight, smooth operation, low running noise and low power consumption;

4. Bearing seat is provided at the drive end of the rotary disc with no more need of coupling; the parts of the rotary disc are remained where they are when replacing the wear parts or at the time of maintenance of the speed reducer; it is very easy for the installation of the speed reducer with no need of centering, which is easy to ensure the installation accuracy of the entire equipment;

5. The rotary disc consisting of two semi-circle discs are installed on the main shaft at equal distance featuring easy installation and maintenance as well as reliable performance; the disc is made of reinforced PP or high-strength FRP featuring high strength, corrosion resistance, good rigidity and heat resistance etc;

6. The use of self-aligned bearing and movable support at the tail end can overcome the installation tolerance and automatically self aligned and can compensate the shrinkage of the main shaft due to temperature difference;

7. The load and oxygenation of the rotary disc change may be adjusted based on the different submerging depth, which easy and simple in operation;