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PZM Type Stainless Steel Canal Gate
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Product Details

PZM Type Stainless Steel Canal Gate


Application >>>

PZM Type Stainless Steel Canal Gate has been widely used in the water supply & drainage projects for stopping the water flow in the water canal; the working mediums suitable for this equipment is raw water, clean water and wastewater of ambient temperature;

 Main features of PZM Type Stainless Steel Canal Gate:

1. The width of the water flow cross-section of the gate is same as that of the water canal; for gate with excessive width, it is suggested to use double hoisting points for its opening or closing;

2. High adaptability for the canal depth;

3. Use of rubber seal with good water stopping performance;

4. Stainless steel used as material with excellent anticorrosion performance;

5. Fabricated manually, opening or closing of the gate is easy and convenient; it proofs even more suitable for use in remote regions where electricity is not available.

Technical parameters of the gate >>>

Item No.      Name                                Unit     Parameter

1.     Maximum working water pressure               Mpa     0.06

2.     PH of working medium                         PH     6 – 9

3.     Maximum leakage (sealing length)           1/m min    1.25 

4.     Maximum manual force for gate opening          N      150


Instructions for placing order >>>

1. The customer shall provide civil structure drawings and process drawings when placing order;

2. Our company can also provide electric hoists for some other big-size canal gates;

3. Our company can provide separate design and fabrication for special sizes or sealing, which shall be indicated on the purchasing order;