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FCM Type Cast Iron Tide Gate (Slapping Gate)
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Product Details

FCM Type Cast Iron Tide Gate (Slapping Gate)


Application >>>

This type of gate is suitable for use at the water outlet pipe of the pumps or water wells in the pump stations in order to prevent backflow of the river or lake water.

  The slapping gate consists of round slapping gate (FCM-Y type) and square slapping gate (FCW-F type), both of which are double hinge type featuring simplified structure and good sealing performance etc; the maximum working pressure of the gate is 6m water head.

XZY Type Rotary Adjustable Weir Gate


Application >>>

This type of equipment is a kind of weir gate researched and developed by our company based on introduced overseas advanced technology and actual conditions in China, which is a gate that can be automatically controlled for adjusting the water (liquid) level; this kind of gate is suitable for use in the water distribution well in oxidation ditch process and sedimentation tank and all other sites that need water level adjusting; it may also be used in the air-flotation tank, oil separation tank or other water conservancy projects for adjusting and control of the water or liquid level.

Structure and features >>>

The XZY type rotary adjustable weir gate is mainly composed of electric motor, reduction gear device and weir gate etc; the motor reduction gear will drive the screw rod at the top of the weir gate and the up-down movement of the screw rod and the hinge device may change the angle of the weir gate towards the liquid surface and thereby change the water level and control the flow rate.

Structure and features >>>


Flexible action, good sealing performance and high level of automation;

High adaptability for working environment, long service life;

Use of travel limits and power overloading device to ensure safe and reliable working;

Easy combination with the building, easy installation and maintenance;

Technical parameters >>>


Model /size




Effective width of weir gate B (mm)




Motor model and power

0.5KW 3-phase asynchronous motor

Speed ratio of speed reducer


Maximum height for adjusting the water outlet weir up and down (mm)



Notes >>>

1. All elevations indicated in the sketch are in meter with all others in millimeter; the elevations are relative elevations; the elevation of wall edge of the water outlet weir is 0.00mm;

2. The foundation of the entire water outlet weir is steel concrete constructed;

3. The bottom of the water canal will have slope when more than one water outlet canal is in connection with the maximum point at -1.2m, which is inclined to the water outlet main pipe nozzle at a slope of 3%.