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XB Rotary Type Water Skimmer Series
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XB Rotary Type Water Skimmer Series

General description >>>

 XB Rotary Type Water Skimmer is a kind of special equipment used in the SBR reaction tank for skimming and discharge of the supernatant water; driven by the electric push rod, the water skimming weir groove will rotate around the drain pipe for continuous water discharge.

Structure >>>

 The XB rotary type water skimmer is mainly composed of electric control cabinet, electric push rod, water-skimming main tube and branch tube, weir groove assembly, floating tube assembly, water output assembly, travel control and base seat etc. the rotary type water skimmer has its electric push rod used for connection between the underwater part and actuator mechanism; when water discharge is needed, the central control system will give signal instruction to the motor to drive the screw rod rotate with the electric push rod moved forward, then the water-collection weir groove will rotate and descend along the horizontal tube to start the water skimming operation; the supernatant water thus discharged will be discharged out through the drain pipe; upon completion of the water skimming operation, the counter inside the push rod will give signal to let the motor run in reverse direction to pull the water-collection weir groove move upward to the preset position and wait to start the next round of operation.

Main features >>>

1. The use of over torque device on the push rod can ensure the maximized safety of the equipment;

2. High adaptability: the setting of relevant parameters for the internal parts can change the running speed and range of the water skimmer accordingly in order to suit for different requirements of different waters;

3. The travel control mechanism is entirely housed in the protection cover with no possibility of erosion by rain or water;

4. Rotary tie-in is completely sealed with flexible rotation and good sealing performance;

5. Simple structure of the electric push rod, which is easily dismantled or maintained.

Specification and technical parameters >>>

Water skimming capacity 100 – 900T/H, single push rod and single-side water output type












Length of water skimming weir (m)










Water-skimming depth (m)










Motor power (kw)











Water skimming capacity 1000 – 2000T/H, double push rods and double-side water output type

Technical parameters needed for placing order:

1. Water skimming capacity per hour   2. Water skimming depth 

3. Control requirements              4. Material requirements