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DNY Belt Type Thickening Filter Press
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DNY Belt Type Thickening Filter Press


General description >>>

DNY belt type thickening filter press is an equipment researched and developed by our company based on the introduced advanced technologies from both home and abroad; our company has spent five years for research and innovation development based on the actual site experiences to bring the best operation efficiency to the equipment in terms of its sludge dewatering performance. This equipment has been widely used in all the different industrial sectors including municipal wastewater treatment plants, paper mills, petro-chemical plants, food processing, dyeing, coal mines, metallurgy and steel plants etc for mechanical dewatering of the sludge; it is now the sludge dewatering equipment with the lowest investment and best sludge output efficiency.

Main features >>>

1. High level of automation, continuous production and continuous cleaning;

2. High treatment capacity

3. Compact structure and reasonable design;

4. High dewatering efficiency and nice appearance;

5. Less use of land space and long service life

Structure and working principle >>>

This equipment is composed of frame, drive unit, press system, filter cloth and cleaning pipe, unloading device, liquid collection device and electric control etc;

Working principle: the sludge with high water content will be flocculated, then the sludge with big-size sludge solids will get access through the sludge inlet pipe to the two-layer gravity thickening stage for removal of large quantity of free water, then the sludge is sent b the turn-over mechanism into the wedge area where the sludge will be pressurized and dewatered before directed to the main dewatering roller for dewatering treatment, then the sludge will be pressed by the pressure rollers arranged in S form for dewatering and finally the sludge cakes will be unloaded out of the equipment.