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Combined Type Packing
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Product Details

General description:

The combined type packing is developed based on the soft and semi-soft packing with advantages of the both. The structure of the packing is that the original plastic discs are changed into double-circle big plastic ring with the aldehyde fiber or polyester yarn pressed against the ring so that the fiber bundles will be evenly distributed; the inner ring of the packing is snowflake-shaped plastic branches, which can not only support the biological membrane, but can effectively cut the air bubble for purpose of increasing the oxygen transfer rate and utilization. In this way, the air-water will get full exchange on the biological membrane resulting in efficient treatment of the organics in water.


The product may be used in contact oxidation towers or oxidation tanks in sewage and wastewater treatment projects, which is the microbial carrier for wastewater treatment by biological contact oxidation process and anaerobic fermentation process.

Performance features:

High heat dissipation performance, small resistance, good water and air distribution, easy growth of biological membrane, ability for cutting of air bubbles;


The product is available with diameter Φ150mm and two models with spacing of 80mm and 100mm separately; the center rope is available with two types - plastic rope and fiber rope.

Instruction for placing order:

Please clearly indicate the length, volume and spacing of the required combined type packing when placing order.