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Three-dimensional Elastic Packing
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The three-dimensional elastic packing is produced by the following process: the product is made through special thread-drawing process and wool process of thread strips with some corrosion and temperature resistant and anti-aging varieties of polyolefin and polyamide materials used as the raw material mixed with some hydrophilic, absorptive and heat resistant additives; the produced thread strips are interspersed and fixed on the anticorrosive and high-strength center rope; due to the appropriate material selection and up-to-date process formulation, the product is characterized with suitable rigidity and flexibility, which makes it possible for the thread strips arranged in even and radiating state with three-dimension shape, thus the suspension type three-dimensional elastic packing is produced. The packing may be uniformly spread in all directions for air distribution, which brings complete contact and exchange between the air, water and bio-membrane; the bio—membrane can not only adhere evenly on each thread strip with excellent activity and variable voids, but also can get increasing surface area during the operation and good metabolism, the above feature of which is beyond the reach of all other packing in China currently.


 The product has been widely used as biological packing for use in the biological contact oxidation tank and hydrolysis acidification tanks;


 The three-dimensional elastic packing features bigger variability of porosity and no clogging as compared with that of the rigid cellular packing; when compared with the  packing, it enjoys superior advantages in terms of longer service life of material and no sticky and caking; it is also proofed of larger surface area, fast bio-membrane build-up and cheaper

price as compared with that of the semi-soft packing; therefore, this type of packing is recognized as the 4th generation of high-efficient and new-type packing after rigid packing, soft packing and semi-soft packing.


Diameter: 150mm 180mm 200mm

Please clearly state the length and volume etc of the required elastic packing when placing order.