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Product Details

Product description:

The soft fiber packing is made with aldehyde chemical fiber used the basic material and its shape and form are in simulation of the natural water grass. Featuring large surface area, high utilization, variable porosity with no clogging, wide application, low construction cost, less shipping costs etc., the soft packing has been widely used in the following industrial sectors including printing and dyeing, silk, wool, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical , paper mill, flax spinning, hospitals for treatment of cyanide-contained boiling water. In order to make it play a bigger role in terms of its functions and economic benefits, in recent years, with the support and help from relevant research and design organizations and institutes, the soft packing has been always in an innovation process with diverse forms, reasonable structure and better effect; the shortcomings of the original packing are avoided by the new-generation product, which are small actual surface area, easy breaking of the center rope and clotting at the middle part of the fiber bundles etc; due to its superior advantages and good performance, the product has been widely recognized by the customers.

Scope of applications:

The performance of the 2nd and 3rd generations of upgraded products has been greatly improved with even wider applications. The packing of D2, D3, E2 and E3 types are suitable for aerobic treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage from such industries as printing and dyeing, wool, carpet, cotton textile, silk, pharmaceutical, cyanide-contained occasion and petrochemical etc; while packing of A2, A3, B2, B3, C2 and C3 types may be used for anaerobic treatment of high-concentration wastewater from such industries as flax spinning, alcohol, sugar-making, paper mills, food and fermentation etc;


The modified and updated soft packing uses twisted spinning fiber ropes connected with fiber filaments, which are evenly distributed on the plastic discs to have fiber bundles of the specified length, therefore, the shortcomings of the original types of the packing are avoided, which include easy loosening and knotting of the center rope, uneven tensile strength, easy breakdown of the rope during operation, difficult to be spread of the fiber filaments in water, uneven distribution, deviation, clotting of the bio-membrane, smaller actual surface area and short service life etc. the test by relevant organizations shows that the utilization of the upgraded soft packing has been increased by one fold and the assembling of the packing is also mush easier.

Technical parameters:


Specific gravity

Tensile strength (gram/single filament)

Elongation (%)

Acid-base resistance (PH2-12)

Weight loss rate (% 100)

Synthetic fiber




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