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      ABS Adjustable Pipe Support
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      Product Details

      Product description

      ABS adjustable pipe support is composed of three parts including ABS fixed base seat, ABS screw lift pipe and nylon cable ties. The lower part of the adjustable pipe support is fixed at the bottom of the aeration tank by expansion bolts, while its upper part is fixed on the aeration tube by nylon cable ties and its height freely adjusted by the ABS screw lift pipe.

      Scope of applications

      It is mainly used for fixing and levelness adjusting of the aeration tubes, which is the standard accessory most frequently used in the installation of the aerators and aeration tubes.


      Easy installation, reliable operation, big adjusting level, use of high-strength and anticorrosive ABS material;



      The product are available with four models including DN50, DN65, DN80 and DN100 (tailor-made design and production is provided for special sizes)

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