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Mono-pore Membrane Aerator
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In order to provide the oxygen needed for growth of the microbes in the aeration biological filter tank process, the conventional biological filter normally has air vent at the lower part of the filter for supply of oxygen through natural air supply, which can easily lead to uneven air pressure distribution, short flow and partially air clogging problems et; the oxygen supply by natural air source is limited by the difference between the temperature in the tank and the air temperature, height of the filter tank, voids of the filter mediums and air flow, which is unable to supply smooth and uniform air to the filter tank, while the aeration biological filter tank can supply air by force to the filter mediums in the filter for oxygen supply to take the place of the original natural air supply in order to ensure the sufficient and stable oxygen supply needed for metabolism of the microbes on the ceramic filter mediums for purpose of improvement of the working efficiency of the entire aeration biological filter.


The equipment is witnessed of no impact from the temperature difference between the tank inside and air outside, height of the filter tank and the void rate of the ceramic filter mediums; small size and wide distribution of air bubbles; no possibility of clogging and can withstand the compression from the stacking of ceramic filter mediums due to concave and convex existing at the outlet of the aerator;


The air supply pipes and branch pipes used are ABS UPVC plastic hard pipes and made by ABS, which consists of upper pipe clamp, lower pipe clamp, mono-pore membrane and ABS fixed adjustable support etc;

Main technical parameters:


Water depth (m)

Air flow rate M3/.h

Oxygen utilization %

Resistance loss Pa

Numbers used Pc/m2

Installation height mm


0.20 – 0.45






Equipment specification:


Air branch pipe mm

Upper and lower pipe clamps mm

Diameter of mono-pore membrane mm

Diameter of mono-pore mm

Size of air distribution tube at tank bottom  mm


43 x 43



Depending on the air flow speed

Installation instruction and others:

1. First install the filter plates and special filter heads in the aeration biological filter tank, then install the mono-pore aerator, after that, put gravels in the tank as the cushion layer (height: approx 200mm) and finally put the ceramic filter mediums inside the tank for biological membrane buildup. Special care shall be taken to avoid breaking down the aerator when putting the gravels inside the tank and avoid dropping of electric weld spark or heavy objects in the tank, which otherwise may possibly damage the pipes and aerators.

2. The products shall be no subject to heavy pressure or storage outdoors prior to the start of the installation and shall be stored far away from fire source to avoid any possible damages.