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Membrane Tube Diffuser
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The Membrane Tube Diffuser, the first of its kind in China, is the new-type membrane tube diffuser researched and developed by our company, which uses air supply main tube, air guide channel and rubber membrane with pores for micro-pore aeration featuring simplified structure, high oxygen utilization, reliable performance, no clogging of air pores, no wastewater backflow, uniform circumferential force, long service life, easy installation and maintenance and cheap price etc. This equipment is the first of its kind in China with its technology up to the level of similar equipments in the world, which is now one of the most cost-effective aerators.

Equipment structure:

         Use of tube type structure with tension on the membrane substantially reduced as compared with that of the disc type aerator; 

         Use of air guide channel structure with no buoyancy force on the aeration parts;           

         The rubber membrane is made of natural rubber with anti-aging treatment featuring longer service life;

         Uniform arrangement of the pores on the membrane and high quantity of pores; the numbers of pores of each group can reach 6624 x 2 pcs ( the numbers of pores on conventional aeration membrane Φ215 is 2000); 

         Use of stainless steel fasteners with no air leakage at the connections, easy dismantling;


             High oxygen utilization, uniform air distribution, no clogging;

                Long service life, no water accumulation in the air tube, stable and reliable performance.

                Simple installation structure,no buoyancy force on the aeration tube,easy use.