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Membrane Disc Diffuser
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The fine-bubble membrane disc diffuser is the latest model of diffyser device that was developed in the 1980s, which features small diameter of aerated air bubbles, small diameter and large area of air-liquid interface, uniform air bubble diffusion, no clogging on the pores and excellent corrosion resistance; the aeration test of the equipment in the clean water and wastewater by Tongji Environmental Engineering College in Shanghai and China Municipal Engineering (North-China) Design Institute and many years of actual use by more than 50 clients show that the work efficiency of the equipment is very good (energy consumption lowered by 40% as compared with that of the conventional fixed type screw aerators, diffuser aerator and perforated pipe aerator; or 40% increase in the sewage treatment capacity). it is especially suitable for use in urban sewage treatment plants, newly-built or expanded large plants and renovation of old aeration tank; further, the aeration tank can run intermittently.

Connection and installation of aeration tubes:

The diffuser system is composed of membrane disc diffuser, air distribution tubes, tees, crosses, elbows, regulators, connectors and cleaning devices and other components. The air distribution tubes are in usual circular arrangement; the actual quantities of membrane disc diffusers used shall be as per air supply capacity and tank shape; themembrane disc diffuser is connected with the air-distribution tubes by G3/4 threads; the base is designed for internal thread (fixed on the air-distribution tube) and the membrane disc diffuser is designed to be externally threaded; when installing the equipment, first, fix the regulator of the required size at the tank bottom by expansion bolts, and then fix the air-distribution tube on the regulator by hold hoops; In order to prevent other operations as welding sparks, civil works, concrete and other heavy objects from damaging the aeration device, the installation of membrane disc diffusers shall be finished right after the completion of the civil engineering and before the water feeding; in order to avoid air leakages from the tubes and connections, it is required to put water in the tank till the water level is approximately 10cm above the membrane disc diffuser to perform leakage test, and then supply the air inside; if any part of the pipes or pipe connections is found of air leakage, please take immediate action to remove the problem before the equipment is officially put to use.

Main technical parameters:

Membrane Disc Diffuser Size: Φ215mm, 260mm

Service area: 0.25-0.55m2/pcs, 0.35-0.75m2/pcs

Average pore size of Membrane Disc Diffuser: 80-100 microns

Air flow: 1.5-3m3/pcs.h

Oxygen transfer coefficient: kla (20) 0.204-0.337min-1

Oxygen utilization (water depth: 3.2m): 18.4-27.7%

Oxygenation capacity: 0.112-0.185KgO2/m3h

Oxygenation power efficiency: 4.46-5.19KgO2/kwh

Aeration resistance: 180-280mmH2O

The design for the air tube should consider the pressure balance and it is preferable to connect the air tubes in a ring; each air intake pipe should have valves for adjusting the air flow. Design flow velocity of the air tube: main tube: 10-15 m/sec; branch tube: 5 m/sec; the installation height from the surface of the aerator to the tank bottom: 270mm, 250mm, for push plate aerator, the height is 200mm.